meditation: steadying the heart and mind.


*freely offered

“...mindfulness meditation is basically working to transform the mind.  [It's} about cultivating wholesome states of mind, nurturing a Dhamma mind, and bringing out the good qualities in the mind.”

-- Sayadaw U Tejaniya

Hi friends. Welcome here. This is where you'll find opportunities to practice with Alexis (me). These are freely offered in the spirit of generosity. My intention is to support the continuity and maturing of your meditation practice in daily life.


My own path developed under the guidance of Sayadaw U Tejaniya, a Burmese monk, whose encouragements to be aware in a natural yet sustained way deeply resonated with me. I've continued along those lines ever since. 

Particularly in daily life, it can be hard to remember to be aware. And yet if we consider everything that we do as potential moments of cultivation, we discover countless opportunities to gain insight and grow the beautiful qualities of the heart. With interest, a bit of confidence, and a supportive community, our practice is bound to develop.

I feel fortunate to be on this path with you.

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