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Wherever possible, I offer these teachings free of charge, following the principle of dāna.


The Buddha often described the Dhamma as priceless, beyond measure, and that it should be available to all. Offering these online sessions and other retreats freely ensures that this spirit is maintained and that generosity is the ground upon which we practice together.

Dāna is the Pali word for generosity and it's considered the foundation of the Dhamma as everything else rests on this spirit of an open and caring heart. It's integral to compassion and spiritual friendship and is interwoven into the wisdom of non-grasping and the gradual insights into letting go.

Dāna allows us to engage in a non-transactional way. It's not a payment, and it's not a tip. It's an act of giving. In this way, generosity can be seen as an ongoing practice, a quality of the heart and mind.

Your support directly inspires and enables me to continue practicing and sharing these teachings.

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