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Whenever possible, I offer these online sessions and other retreats free of charge. This continues the long tradition of the spirit of generosity (dāna) and ensures that it is the ground upon which we practice together. (Dāna is the Pali word for generosity). It also enables these teachings and practices to be available to our wide and diverse community.

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One of the more meaningful experiences of ordaining as a Buddhist monk in Myanmar was living within a field of generosity. Nearly every aspect of the monastery, whether you were there as a lay person, a nun, or monk, rested on generosity – the teachings, the food and shelter, going for alms rounds, all of it was the result of dāna! I came to realize that the transactional model was not the only way to meet one another.

Sayadaw U Tejaniya (front) on alms rounds, Myanmar 2005

Offering these events freely out of generosity also gives you the opportunity to practice dāna. Your financial support is an important form of this, and it both inspires and enables me to continue practicing and sharing these teachings freely.


If you wish to offer dāna, please choose one of the methods below.

With gratitude,



Alexis Santos

34 North Street

Portland, ME 04101

Thank you
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