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8am - 2pm PST

11am - 5pm EST

March 13th

daylong  (online)

a day of practice with instructions and discussion

*this event is freely offered

“If you really matter what life you live, you can practice the Dhamma every minute of the day. Why not give it a try?”

  -Ajahn Chah

It's natural that if we continue to practice,  awareness, wisdom and the other beautiful qualities can become a true refuge.


Particularly during these times of greater isolation, coming together in community can help gather the energy in a more collected, and intentional way.

During our time together there will be guided meditations, periods of silence, and opportunities to move the body. There will also be time for discussion and Q&A. 

Once you have registered, feel free to write in a  question and vote on questions you would like discussed at the bottom of the screen. 

Whether this is your first time joining or if you're a regular, please feel at home here and I'm thrilled to be practicing with you. 


You're welcome to attend as much or as little as works for you.

You can view the schedule here: